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Council Services:

Set up a direct debit or standing order

Standing orders

Download the standing order form here.

A standing order is an easy way to pay your rent through your bank. You have control over the amount that you pay and can choose the date of payment. Every time your rent changes you will have to instruct your bank to change your standing order. It may be better to pay through direct debit as changes to payments can be automatically arranged.

If you have rent arrears please contact Customer Services on 01522 873333 or your Housing Officer so you can come to a mutual agreement to incorporate these arrears in the standing order payments. A standing order will give you the ability to spread repayment of any arrears over a number of months and will make sure that the payment is made.

Complete all sections, paying close attention to sections three and six which instruct your Bank/Building Society to send us weekly or monthly payments.

Detach section five and six and send in to the Housing, City of Lincoln Council, City Hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln, LN1 1DE.

Submit the top half to your Bank/Building Society without delay.

If you currently pay your rent by standing order but wish to convert to direct debit, please follow this link.

Direct debits

Download the direct debit form here.

You can have your direct debits set up for the following dates of the month: 2nd, 8th, 15th, 22nd or 28th.

Please give at least ten working days for your request to processed. Please note not all Bank and Building Society accounts are able to set up direct debits.

The Direct Debit Guarantee

If City of Lincoln Council or your Bank or Building Society makes an error, you are guaranteed a full immediate refund from your bank of the amount paid.

If the amounts to be paid or the payment dates change City of Lincoln Council will notify you at least ten working days in advance of your bank account being debited.

You can cancel your direct debit instruction at any time simply by writing to your Bank or Building Society. Please also send a copy of your letter to us, or email.

How to calculate your direct debit instalments

To work out an estimate on your direct debit instalments you need the following information which can be found on your current Rent Account Statement.

  • How much rent you pay
  • The current week number
  • Balance outstanding
  • What date you want your direct debit taking from your bank account

The direct debit instalments are worked out over 50 weeks (as you get two free at Christmas) and divided equally over 12 months. (April to end of March). The current week is shown down the left hand side of your statement. Your weekly payable rent is shown at the top right of your statement.

For example: week number is 20 Weekly payable rent is £50 Balance outstanding is £100 (two weeks rent) You want your direct debit taking out on 15th of every month.

If it were week 20 then there would be 30 weeks of rent payable over the rest of the year. (Take 20 away from 50).

It takes ten working days to set up a direct debit with your Bank or Building Society.

So based on the above example date of August 15th it is unlikely that the direct debit can be processed in time. So take the month starting the direct debit as September 15th.

As our year starts in April and ends in at the end of March each year it give eight months of instalments.

£50 (payable rent) x 30 (weeks) = £1,500 + £100 (arrears) = £1,600 In this example.

£1,600 is the total amount payable over this period to the end of the financial year.

To get the monthly instalments you the need to divide this amount by how many months are left in the year In this example it is eight months.

So, £1,600/ eight (months) = £200 per month.

If you require assistance please contact the Rents Admin Officer on 01522 873224 or email


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Last updated: 24 June 2014

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