Anti-social behaviour policies and information

What actions we can take

here are different outcomes dependent upon the type of complaint being made.

We may be able to:    

  • issue an Acceptable Behaviour Contract        
  • serve them with an injunction by court order
  • issue a Community Protection Notice
  • issue a Criminal Behaviour Order
  • issue a Closure Order
  • issue a Public Space Protection Order

Council tenants or neighbours in council housing

If the subject of your complaint is a council tenant living in a council property we can take various actions to help rectify the situation. Our tenants sign an agreement outlining specific behaviour and maintenance of their property that we expect, if they fail to adhere to this agreement repeatedly they may face formal action.

Private rented tenants or neighbours in rented accommodation

If the subject of your complaint lives in private rented accommodation we can approach the landlord, or the management agent of the property concerned to advise them of the problems you are having.

Home owners or neighbours in their own properties


If the subject of your complaint owns their own home we can approach your neighbour and discuss how their behaviour is affecting others, there are a number of tools and powers we can use to take enforcement action if necessary.