Anti-social behaviour policies and information

What actions you can take

Whilst we are always here to help in the case of anti-social behaviour there are few things listed below that you can try yourself:

  • Approach your neighbour or the person who you are complaining about in a friendly manner to discuss the problems you are having - it may be they are not aware that they are causing a problem
  • Always call the police if you have been assaulted or threatened in anyway - you do not have to tolerate violence
  • Keep a diary of incidents including as much detail as possible - this may be needed for evidence

You should always contact the police if you have been threatened, harassed or assaulted, or if your property has been damaged or stolen. We and the police work very closely together in dealing with anti-social and criminal behaviour. Formal arrangements are in place for the exchange of information about those responsible for such behaviour so that joint action can be taken when appropriate.

You could also contact a solicitor, Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Shelter, if you are facing problems of nuisance and harassment. Your solicitor or adviser may be able to help you apply for an injunction against those responsible or send an appropriate warning letter to them.