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Why is it happening?

Why is it happening?

Over many centuries the city centre has changed to answer the needs of the local economy and some of the changes are proving detrimental to the current and future needs for the development of the city. Therefore, the masterplanning process looked at the issues that caused the problems and seeks to provide ways in which the area can be improved that aligned with the pre-identified areas of city deprivation.

During the masterplanning process, the concept of ‘walkable neighbourhoods’ was adopted as the best way to build sustainable communities and boost the city’s cultural/tourism appeal. This concept states that a resident should be able to access the basics they require for their daily life e.g. milk, bread, doctors, education etc. Whilst some of the areas in the city met this criteria there were some deprived areas that did not.

Walkable Neighbourhood Map
The masterplan aims to improve traffic and pedestrian movement within the city centre, which in turn will free up areas for regeneration and refurbishment, to provide a well connected and revitalised city centre.

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