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What is Linking Lincoln?

‘Linking Lincoln’ is the name given to the exciting redevelopment vision for the City of Lincoln over the next 20 to 25 years. This vision is encapsulated in the masterplan for the city centre.

Lincoln today is a growing city with a long history dating back to Roman times. It has seen many periods of change and development. Since the 1980’s the centre of Lincoln has been going through a new period of growth. A major catalyst to the growth of the city in recent years has been the establishment of the University of Lincoln, which has grown to a campus of 10,000 students since 1996.

To ensure future development in Lincoln is carried out in a way that respects the past and meets the needs of future generations, the City of Lincoln Council in partnership with Lincolnshire County Council and Lincolnshire Enterprise, engaged in a joint project to develop a masterplan, providing a vision for the future development of the city.

The Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment

Prince’s Foundation for the Built Environment was commissioned to assist in developing this vision. They facilitated an Enquiry by Design Workshop in late 2005, to which all the stakeholders for the city centre were invited including a variety of public interest groups, commercial stakeholders and statutory organisations to help in preparing a Masterplan that subsequently became the document ‘Linking Lincoln’.

During the Enquiry by Design, all the stakeholders looked at the best way to build sustainable communities, boost the city’s cultural appeal and help grow the local economy. The concept of ‘walkable neighbourhoods’ was adopted as the best way to build the sustainable communities. The workshop process resulted in the creation of the vision ‘Linking Lincoln’ for the city centre, which incorporates a movement and retail strategy, and a design brief for possible key development sites within the city centre area.

Intervention sites

See below a map indicating the intervention sites included within the City Centre Masterplan:

Linking Lincoln - Intervention Sites
A1: High Street
B1: Michaelgate
B2: Hungate
B3: Mint Lane
B4: Wigford Way
B5: University Site
B6: St. Marks Site
C1: Cultural Quarter
C2: Clasketgate/Silver Street
C3: St. Swithin’s Square
C4: City Square
C5: Lindongate
C6: Station Crossing
C7: Tentercroft Street
H1: Tentercroft Street Link
H2: Norman Street Link
H3: Water Lane Link
H4: St. Swithin’s Link
H5: Silver Street Link
H6: West Parade/Corporation Street/Clasketgate Link
H7: Broadgate Link

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