Covid-19 Updates

All community centres are open

As you will be aware the government guidance, relating to Covid-19, has changed to a recommendation phase.

The health and safety of our hirers is most important to the council and therefore we request that you conduct your session in the community centre being mindful of the recommendations below: 

  • Wear a face covering when appropriate in enclosed spaces 
  • Regularly wash hands 
  • Wipe contact surfaces (e.g. door handles, light switches) 
  • Ventilate rooms where possible by opening windows or turning on extractors
  • Monitor air quality in enclosed rooms 

To assist with this we will:  

  • Ensure hand washing and/or hand sanitiser facilities are available 
  • Ensure that sanitising wipes are provided for the wiping of surfaces 
  • Ensure windows are able to open where appropriate for ventilation 
  • Ensure all extraction fans are operable and that instructions are provided where appropriate 
  • Provide carbon dioxide monitors in enclosed spaces in order for you to be aware of the air quality in the room