Consultation on the Council's budget proposals 2021 - 2022

Growth proposals

Throughout the delivery of £9 million annual savings, the Council’s successful financial management has enabled the protection of core services for the people of Lincoln while at the same time allowing the redirection of resources to the priority areas in the Council’s Vision 2020 and it’s new Vision 2025. 

The development of Vision 2025, prior to the Covid19 pandemic, provided the priorities and aspirations as well as a high-level view of how these would be achieved.  It included a mix of exciting, high profile projects to shape the future of the city, with a range of other projects in keeping with the financial and officer capacity available at that time.  The detail of what needed to be done each year to work towards the end goal was to be delivered through a specific Annual Delivery Plan for each year, in which individual projects would be agreed for each priority.

The annual delivery plans that support the overall Vision are now currently in the process of being refreshed to reflect the impact the pandemic has had on the Council, the City and it’s residents and business, to ensure that the correct priority areas are focussed upon.  The Annual Delivery Plan for 2021/22 will recognise the need to reduce the Council’s net cost base and will prioritise this, alongside remobilisation of services, and completion of legacy schemes, ahead of further new investment. The majority of new investment that is included in the Delivery Plan for 2021/22 is primarily of a capital nature, aimed at supporting the recovery and growth of the City and it’s economy.

This continued investment in the our priorities alongside the financial sustainability programme forms the foundations of the Council’s approach to financial planning over the medium term, seeking to enhance its financial resilience and to continue to focus its resources towards achieving its aspirations in its long-term vision.