Covid-19: Latest Updates

Council Tax and Housing Support

Please only contact us by telephone if it is absolutely essential or an emergency. 

Housing Benefit Support

If you need to contact the Benefits department please e-mail

Council Tax Online Forms

Below is a list of online Council Tax forms that you can use to let the Council know about changes in your personal circumstances or to apply for Council Tax discounts.

Please note that some of these forms are still in beta test mode and have been fast-tracked to help deal with the consequences of Covid-19.

Make a Payment 

You can use this service to make an online payment for your Council Tax.

Start your payment > 

Report a Move

You can use this service to tell us that someone has:

  • Moved into the area
  • Moved out of the area
  • Moved within the area

Report a move >

Report a change in the people who live with you           

You can use this service to tell us that someone has:

  • Joined your household
  • Left your household

Report a change > 

Forms for Landlords

You can use this service to report tenants that are moving in or out of the property

Report a change of tenancy > 

You can use this service to tell us that your tenants are students

Report student tenants > 

Make a Claim for Council Tax Support 

You can use this service to make a claim for support with paying your Council Tax

Make a new claim >

Direct Debits

You can use this service to setup a direct debit 

Setup a direct debit >

You can use this service to change or amend an existing direct debit 

Change a direct debit > 

Apply for a Council Tax discount or an exemption from paying Council Tax

The discounts and exemptions for which you can apply online are:

  • Single Occupancy Discount

Apply >                                                                                                                                                                          

  • Severe Mental Impairment Disregard/Exemption

Apply >

  • Student Disregard/Exemption

Apply > 

  • Apprentice Disregard

Apply >

  • Carers Disregard

Apply >

  • Property undergoing major repair to make it habitable or structural alteration

Apply >                

Other Changes or Actions

To report a change in your name or contact details

Update your details > 


If you need to contact us about your Council Tax Enquiry

Please contact us using our online form.

  • Please be sure to include your name, address and account number in the message
  • If you are calling to report a change in your circumstances, there are a number of electronic forms available for you to do this on the Council’s website.

Get in touch >


Please check this page for further updates, guidance and information as it becomes available.