Test and Trace Support Payments: Discretionary Policy Guidelines

7. Making Payments

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 LiNK will aim to pay all eligible individuals within 3 working days of their final piece of evidence being verified by our team. Payments should be made up front, as a single payment, to the bank account matching the bank statement they have provided, via the most appropriate payment mechanism.

LiNK will send each recipient a letter or email to confirm that they have been paid.

Applicants who are overdrawn

LiNK will advise such applicants how to exercise their first right of appropriation on the £500 payment, so their bank does not use it to pay their overdraft if they are overdrawn.


LiNK is not required to provide a right of appeal against any decision not to award a discretionary payment, (neither for the main Test and Trace Support Payment).  People who are turned down will not be eligible because they do not meet the criteria.

However, where possible, LiNK will work with applicants to make sure they provided the necessary evidence to support a successful application. For instance, someone who is self-employed may have forgotten to provide their self-assessment return in the first instance. This person should not be rejected but given the opportunity to provide further evidence if they have it.

If an individual is rejected because they do not meet the mandatory eligibility criteria, LiNK will consider if the individual meets the criteria for a discretionary payment.

As good practice, LiNK has a mechanism in place to review cases turned down where the application appeals.  The Head of Shared Revenues & Benefits and/or Benefits Manager will review these cases within 5 working days of the appeal being made, and notify the decision within a further 3 working days.