Council Property Repairs

Emergency out of hours repairs during Covid-19

Our Housing Repairs Service is currently only carrying out emergency repairs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Emergency repairs are classed as any repair that is necessary to avoid danger to the health and safety of residents or serious damage to the structure of a building
  • We will also continue to refurbish certain empty properties for those in the greatest need
  • Urgent and Routine repairs will be logged for when the normal service resumes. 

Emergency work is considered to be:    

  • Toilet blockage or toilet unable to be flushed. Please note: as a temporary measure all working toilets can be flushed by using a bucket of water    
  • Serious storm, accident or flood damage to room, due to leak    
  • Dangerous structures
  • Serious electrical faults, total loss of power
  • Total loss of water supply
  • Major water leak (which is causing a flood)
  • Blocked flue to a boiler or open fire
  • Overflows and taps continually running
  • Smoke alarm constantly sounding
  • Where the property cannot be secured (eg: insecure low level window and doors)
  • Regaining entry where a tenant is accidentally locked out. However a charge is likely to be made in this instance.


Repairs inside your home

Please note that to protect you and our repair staff we expect you to take the following steps:

  • At least 20 minutes before the appointment time please air the room by opening the windows, at least 2 if possible, and leave them open.
  • Remain at least 2 metres from our operatives at all times. If possible stay in another room with the door closed until the work has been completed.
  • Keep your pets under control and in another room if possible, with the door closed.
  • After our staff have left we recommend that you leave the windows open for a further 20 minutes to allow fresh air to circulate in your home. The worker will remind you of this when they leave.