Resident Involvement

Lincoln tenants panel vacancies

We are constantly looking for new members to join LTP and we really want to get people from all backgrounds involved.

There are 8 vacancies waiting to be filled so we are currently seeking interested tenants to come along and join in.

Members are elected for four years but can then stand for re-election.

We currently have vacancies in the following area:

  • One vacancy in the Birchwood area
  • One vacancy in the Newport area
  • One vacancy in the West End area
  • Two vacancies in the Moorland area
  • One vacancy in the Tower Estate 
  • Two vacancies in the Ermine West area

To qualify you must be:

  • A City of Lincoln Council tenant/leaseholder with your name on the tenancy    
  • Over 18 
  • Be secure 
  • Not have any outstanding breaches or Notices of Seeking Possession (NOSPs) 
  • Not be a City of Lincoln Council employee
  • Not be an elected council member.

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