About Council Tax Support

Changes to Council Tax Support in previous years 

Amendments made in 2020

  1. Care leavers exemption extended to 100% for up to 25 years of age
  2. Empty property premium, from 1st April 2020, an unfurnished property that has been empty for five years or longer has been charged at 300 per cent of the tax set.

Amendments made in 2019

  1. For working age customers the Capital limit is £8000, anyone who has capital in excess of this amount will not be entitled to Council Tax Support
  2. Introduction of additional 50% premium to empty properties over 2 years
  3. Care leavers council tax exemption – 100% for those aged between 18 and 21st birthday and 50% for those up to their 22nd Birthday
  4. Unoccupied discount 100% for the first month.

Amendments made in 2018

  1. Protection for the following vulnerable customers 
  2. Pensioners (providing they, or their partner, are not receiving income support, JSA(IB), or Universal Credit)
  3. Receiving a War Pension/War Widows Pension
  4. Disability Premium qualification (inclusive of enhanced and severe disability premiums)
  5. A child in the household who qualifies for a disabled child premium
  6. Qualification of a disabled earnings disregard 
  7. Qualification for a Carer Premium/underlying entitlement to Carers Allowance
  8. All Employment Support Allowance types
  9. Increase in Exceptional Hardship fund from £10,000 to £20,000
  10. Second Home discount reduce to 0% (currently 10%)
  11. Empty and unfurnished amended to 50% for two months (currently 100% for one month).

Amendments made in 2017

  1. Backdating is being restricted to one month
  2. Temporary absence from home rule (four weeks) to replicate Housing Benefit legislation
  3. Reduce maximum capital allowance to £10,000 (those on passported benefit remain at £16,000)
  4. Council Tax Support award is restricted to band B
  5. Minimum scheme award of £2.00 per week
  6. Second homes discount will reduce from 10% to 0%
  7. Empty and unfurnished property discount will change from 100% for the first month, to 50% each month for the first two months.