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Consultation on the council's budget proposals 2020 to 2021

Growth proposals

Throughout the delivery of £8.5 million annual savings, the Council’s successful financial management has enabled the protection of core services for the people of Lincoln while at the same time allowing the redirection of resources to the priority areas in the Council’s Vision 2020. 

We are currently reviewing the key aspects of our next Strategic Plan, Vision 2025, which will be the second leg of the council’s journey towards achieving our long- term aspirations for the city by 2030.  This review has included seeking the publics views on the current priorities and whether these should be expanded to cover new and emerging local and national issues.  This consultation will therefore help inform the new Vision 2025 which will include a programme of activity through to 2025. 

In support of this new Strategic Plan the MTFS includes an allocation of £1 million to be used to deliver key priority schemes.

This investment in the our priorities alongside the financial sustainability programme forms the foundations of the Council’s approach to financial planning over the medium term, seeking to enhance its financial resilience and to continue to focus its resources towards achieving its aspirations in its long-term vision.