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The City of Lincoln Council does not provide a service to remove, dispose of, or transport waste asbestos material from the home.

Asbestos products have been widely used in the UK building industry. Asbestos fibres cause serious health problems when breathed in. Given this danger, a number of specific rules and regulations have been put in place to protect public health.

Where would I find asbestos in the home?

Some of the areas in your business or home where you may find asbestos include:

  • Eaves, gutters and rainwater fall pipes

  • Garage and shed roofs

  • Linings for walls, ceilings and doors

  • Insulation panels in some storage heaters

  • Central heating flues

  • Loose asbestos packing between floors and in partition walls

  • Floor tiles

What to do if you think you have asbestos in your home?

It is very hard to identify asbestos but, if you suspect that you are living with asbestos:

  • Don’t panic! Leave asbestos material alone if it is in good condition

  • Seek advice if you have damaged or deteriorating asbestos material in your home

  • Avoid disturbing or damaging asbestos material

  • Never drill, sand, saw or use a wire-brush on asbestos cement

  • Before removing asbestos material always seek professional advice

  • Do not use power tools on asbestos and avoid creating dust

  • Avoid breaking asbestos cement

  • Do not attempt to remove asbestos lagging, spray coatings or insulation board by yourself. These materials can only be safely removed by a licensed contractor.

If you live in a council owned property and would like to request a copy of your properties asbestos survey, please contact the Safety Assurance Team on 01522 873450 or email If your property does not have an asbestos survey, one can be arranged with you.

Disposing of asbestos

The City of Lincoln Council do not provide a service to remove, dispose of, or transport waste asbestos material from the home.

It is the legal responsibility of the homeowner/householder to remove, transport and dispose of any waste asbestos material from the home. 

You must either;

  • Use a private contractor, who is licensed and registered to remove, dispose of, and transport asbestos material. or; 
  • Lincolnshire County Council will accept white asbestos waste by appointment only at its Household Waste Recycling Centres in Boston.

City Council tenants must contact customer services if they have any concerns regarding asbestos in their property. Council tenants must not handle, remove or dispose of any asbestos material themselves.

What to do if you have asbestos in your business

Workplace Health and Safety legislation places duties on businesses and employers to deal safely with asbestos in the workplace. Please visit the  HSE website for further information.