Campsite rules, regulations and terms and conditions

Hartsholme country park camp site

Camp site rules

  1. The site will be open from 1 March to 31 October; the site is managed by the City of Lincoln Council.
  2. The site will be available for holiday or recreational purposes only.
  3. The site is primarily intended for short stay tourists, however, periods of up to three weeks can be arranged with the Warden’s permission provided that enough space remains available for short stay tourists.
  4. Site charges are payable in advance, a receipt should always be obtained from the Warden for all charges paid. Charges are as posted on the camp site office door.
  5. There will be no subletting permitted.
  6. Caravans and cars should be parked and tents pitched in the places allotted by the Warden. Campers may be requested to move at times during the stay, the Warden may require this for the proper management of the site. Disabled/hard standing pitches may need to be vacated for the use of disabled campers.
  7. The contents of all chemical closets and other waste-water shall be disposed of only at the disposal points provided. If disposing of ‘grey’ water please contact warden.
  8. All refuse should be placed in the dustbins provided.
  9. No musical instruments, radio, television or music players must be allowed to produce excessive noise between the hours of 11pm to 7am.
  10. Dogs should be kept on a lead and other pets must be kept under proper control at all times.
  11. Wilful damage of surrounding trees and shrubs will result in immediate dismissal from the site and proceedings may be taken against offenders. The lighting of camp fires is forbidden; only gas barbeques are permitted on site.
  12. Swimming and boating are not allowed on the lakes.
  13. The City of Lincoln Council will not be responsible for the loss or damage to persons or property incurred while on site, however caused.
  14. Authority for the conduct of the site is vested in The Director for Communities and Environment or the site warden as his agent. Site accommodation provided is conditional on all campsite rules being strictly observed and upon campers conducting themselves at all times with due regard to the comfort of others. The refund of the appropriate portion of the site fees paid in advance shall be sufficient discharge of all obligations to a camper who is requested to leave because of breach of these rules. The Camp Site Wardens are not permitted to give refunds.
  15. Any request for a refund should be made in writing to The City of Lincoln Council and addressed to the Camp Site Warden using the address shown above. It will then be forwarded our City Hall office and be dealt with there.
  16. For additions and amendments to rules and procedures please visit: 

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