Advisory Group

About the Hartsholme country park advisory group

Hartsholme Country Park is supported by Hartsholme Country Park Advisory Group (HCPAG). The group’s aim is to advise the City Council on all issues which affect the park and help to promote the park’s position of importance in the local community.

This body is made up of the following representatives and was started in March 2006:

Dog walkers
Hartsholme Country Park volunteers
Continental Landscapes Ltd
Lincoln and District Angling Association
Hartsholme café
Lincolnshire Police
Hartsholme Electric Model Club
Local Residents
Lincoln branch of the RSPB
City council officers
City council members


The Advisory Group’s specific objectives are to:

•    Represent Park user’s interests
•    To record the history and development of the park
•    To develop and continuously appraise a strategic improvement plan
•    Seek to attract finances to meet the strategic improvement plan
•    To maximise the parks potential as a recreational and educational asset without compromising its historical and natural integrity

Each August the advisory group host their annual summer Family Fun day in Hartsholme County Park, why not come along and join the fun!