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Residents' groups

We have several residents’ groups set up around the city with members working together in response to certain issues that unite them. Resident groups already operate in areas such as Gaunt Street, Jarvis House, Hermit Street and Shuttleworth House.

We have had many great successes of residents working together to resolve or improve concerns in their areas. For example, resident groups in Gaunt Street and at Shuttleworth House have established their own communal gardens. Other groups have been set up to resolve parking issues and anti-social behaviour problems.

Residents’ groups don’t even have to be about resolving problems, maybe you just want to bring people in your area together for socialising and community events, or coffee mornings or craft meetings - the list is endless with what you can set up. We even have some of our sheltered housing schemes that have residents’ groups that meet regularly for bingo!

If this is something you think your area would benefit from get started today and call our resident involvement team for a chat.

Resident Involvement Team

Tel: 01522 873333

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If you can't find what you're looking for visit our contact us page for a number of options which may help.