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About group housing

Group housing schemes are made up of small blocks of one and two bedroom flats or bungalows grouped around a central common room. Unlike sheltered housing, the properties are not all under one roof and there are fewer communal facilities. All properties have an emergency alarm system that residents can use to call the Scheme Manager for help if needed.

Scheme managers help residents stay independent

As with sheltered housing, a Scheme Manager looks after the scheme and gives residents the support they need to stay independent. The Scheme Manager works a normal Monday to Friday week. When he or she is off duty, any alarm calls go to the council’s Central Control Centre.

Who can live at the scheme

The scheme is only available to people who are over 60 years old and who are able to live independently with support where needed.

How to apply

To apply you must first join the Homefinder website. You should also complete a self assessment form and return this to us by post, Property Shop, City Hall, Lincoln, LN1 1DD.

Priority allocation

The Supported Housing Officer will recommend what level of priority you have. This recommendation will go to the Priority Panel, who will then write to you to state what level of priority you have.

If you disagree with the recommendation

You can appeal against any decision or the assessment by writing to the officer who assessed you. You may want to get some independent advice to help you with this.

To appeal against a decision of the Priority Panel, you should write within 28 days and give full reasons. We will acknowledge your letter and refer your case to a Senior Officer, who will review it.

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