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Help to stay in your home

Negotiation with your current landlord

If you are being left in a situation which may leave you homeless we can speak to your landlord for you. 

If you are having problems paying your rent you may be eligible for benefits to help you pay your rent. 

We may also be able to help you secure a deposit on a rented property, you can find out more by reading about our deposit guarantee.

Negotiation with housing benefits

If you have an issue with a current housing benefit claim and you may be in danger of losing your home because of this we can try and rectify the problem by speaking to the team who deals with your benefits on your behalf.

Further advice regarding homelessness is available from local solicitors, the Citizens Advice Bureau and Shelter.

Housing Options Team


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Tel: 01522 873777

Email: housingsolutions@lincoln.gov.uk 

Private Housing Team

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If you can't find what you're looking for visit our contact us page for a number of options which may help.