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Housing advice and homelessness

Housing advice and homelessness

We provide a free, confidential advice service where a Housing Officer can discuss your housing problems with you and give you the relevant advice to help you.

If your homelessness cannot be prevented we will carry out an interview to determine what level of assistance we can provide to you.

You need to have a local connection to the City of Lincoln with the exception if you are fleeing any form of violence, harassment or threats of violence, supported by relevant Agencies/Police.

We provide a drop in interview service between 9am and 3.30pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 10am to 3.30pm on a Wednesday Appointments are available if you require a set time and if you are unable to get to City Hall home visits can be arranged.

At this interview the Housing Officer will discuss your circumstances and provide you with the relevant advice and assistance to meet your circumstances.

What to bring with you

Proof of Identification

One piece of photo ID or 2 pieces of evidence with name and address on it.If you are subject to immigration control we will need your passport or home office paperwork.

Birth certificates for all household members.If you are pregnant we require proof of pregnancy with your due date.

Proof of your Income (please provide all those relevant)

Your most recent wage slip.

Proof of JSA/ESA.

Evidence of Child Benefit.

Evidence of Child/Working Tax Credits.

Evidence of your Homelessness (whichever is relevant to your circumstances)

Notice to quit or eviction notice for your private tenancy. Included with this should be your tenancy agreement and paperwork relating to your deposit, if you have paid one.

A letter from people you are living or staying with asking you to leave.

If your accommodation is linked to your employment a letter stating this or a tenancy agreement, or employment contract, along with details of why and when you must leave.

If you are being or have been evicted for non-payment of rent or mortgages details of your income and expenditure.

Medical letters from care professionals.

If there is police involvement, crime reference numbers and any relevant documents.

Proof of local connection (one of the following)

A contract of employment if you work in the district.

Proof and length of residency - household bills for example.

Details of family members in this area, names / addresses and length for time in the area.

Please note that these are the main documents of proof but we may ask for more specific documents depending on the situation.

During this interview a declaration may be completed and all relevant documents photocopied.

What happens next?

From the information gathered the Officer will make investigations into your case, for example they may contact your family members who have asked you to leave or contact the Police if you are under threat of violence.

If you are in the early stages of a threat of homelessness your case may be opened as a Housing Advice case and you will be offered measures to prevent your homelessness, these include.

  • Guarantee your deposit on a private tenancy.
  • Referral to the City Councils Private Sector Tenancy Scheme.

  • Negotiate with your current landlord.

  • Referral for debt advice.

  • Referral to mediation.

  • Liaison with Housing Benefit.

  • Referral to Supported Housing and other housing agencies.

  • Arrange a package of support.

If a homeless application is opened we will endeavour to make a decision within 25 working days, depending on the investigations required and you will be sent a letter.With a decision on your application. If you disagree with our findings information is provided on how to request a review of the decision.

Our decision

We will use the following guidelines when we assess your application

  • Whether you are eligible for housing (i.e. do you have the right to reside in this country.

  • Whether or not you are homeless or threatened with homelessness within 28 days of your application.

  • Whether or not you and your family are in priority housing need. Priority is determined by whether a person or family is vulnerable if homeless. Some of the reasons include dependent children, pregnancy, old age, some forms of mental or physical disability etc.

  • Whether you are intentionally homeless. This will arise when you have or have deliberately done or failed to do something which has resulted in you becoming homeless.

  • Whether you have a local connection within the City of Lincoln. A local connection could be present or past long-term residency, close family living here, employment in the area or if it is unsafe for you in your own area.

  • If you have no local connection, but are assessed as homeless and in priority need you may be referred to a Council area where there is a connection unless it is unsafe for you there.

How do I appeal

If you disagree with the decision and how it was reached, or you think we have not considered something which you believe we should have taken into account, then under certain circumstances, you have the right to ask us to look at that decision again.

You must ask for a review within 21 days of receiving our written decision. A more Senior Officer than the original decision maker will then review at your case.

We will write to confirm that we have received your letter of appeal. At this point we may also request further documentation that may support your appeal. If no additional documentation is required the appeal will take place using information already used or supplied.

Housing Solutions 

City Hall
Beaumont Fee
Tel: 01522 873777

Out of hours emergency

For out of hours urgent homelessness enquiries only, please contact 01522 534747
If you can't find what you're looking for visit our contact us page for a number of options which may help.