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Find a private landlord

We know that sometimes finding a private landlord can be difficult. Because of this we have developed the Trusted Landlord scheme to help you find a property which is of a good and safe standard.

By choosing a trusted landlord within the scheme you can be assured that they take pride in the ownership of their property. The landlord will work with you if you have concerns of the disrepair of safety of your rented home. 

All you need to do in return is understand your responsibilities in the community you live and be a considerate neighbour. 

You can find a list of landlords in the scheme below, contact them directly to see if they have any available properties:

Landlord/Agent nameBusiness nameMembership numberManages properties in the following areas
Mr Jeremy Batchelor Mr Jeremy Batchelor 020324Dixon Street, Tempest Street and St Andrews Place
Mr John FotheringhamMr John Fotheringham020275Yarborough Road & Richmond Road
Mr Jon BillingsMr Jon Billings020273West Parade
Mr Malcolm BaileyMr Malcolm Bailey017983Lissett Close
Mr Michael Hayes-CowleyMr Michael Hayes-Cowley017994Carholme Road, Drake Street, Moor Street, Nelthorpe Street, Newland Street West, Portland Street, Westbourne Grove, West Parade, Whitehall Grove, Yarborough Road
Mr Mike DonnerstagMGD Properties018283 Yarborough Terrace, West Parade
Mr Paul LefleyMr Paul Lefley018116Howard Street, Alfred Street, Boultham Park Road, Scorer Street
Mr Peter HerbertsonMr Peter Herbertson019010Yarborough Road, Turner Street
Mr Robert HunterBond Housing Group Lincoln017994Richmond Road, West Parade, Rasen Lane, Mount Street, Yarborough Road
Mr Ross Taylor 021388Blankney Crescent, Cabourne Ave, Monson St, Canwick Road

The scheme has been put in place to:

  • increase the amount of safe, good quality private rented accommodation in Lincoln
  • create confidence for you as a tenant in the quality and management of your rented home
  • make it easier for you to find safe and good quality housing
  • reduce the number of disputes between you and your landlord
  • create good working relationships between your landlord, you, us and any other relevant bodies
  • to prevent homelessness by improving relationships between you and your landlord
  • to develop a joint approach to tackle anti-social behaviour and nuisance

You can contact us about this scheme by emailing accreditation@lincoln.gov.uk.