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How to apply for LinCare/Home Support

How to apply for LinCare home support

To apply for this service fill in the online application form.

Alternatively you can contact the LinCare control centre, call 01522 544813 or email lincare@lincoln.gov.uk, with details of where you would like the form to be sent by email or post, or you could visit City Hall and pick up the forms from Customer Services.

Cooling off period

Clients are entitled to a 14 day period for non-urgent referrals and a 21 day period for urgent referrals. Termination is arranged by contacting LinCare either by pressing the pendant or red button, or by contacting the LinCare control centre, call 01522 544813 or email lincare@lincoln.gov.uk.

If nothing is heard from the client within the cooling off period invoices will automatically be sent out and the minimum length of service (three months) will apply.


After the cooling off period termination of services requires one calendar month’s notice, depending on the circumstances. Once the notice of termination has been received by contacting the LinCare control centre, the information including the contact name and number of the client or advocate is passed to one of our installation teams who will arrange a convenient date and time to collect the equipment.

LinCare Control Centre

Tel: 01522 544813

Email: lincare@lincoln.gov.uk

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