What else is included in the apprenticeship?

As part of the apprenticeship programme you will also be given additional training in the following areas:

Personal Learning and Thinking Skills (PLTS)

Would you say you are good at managing your own time and the tasks you have to undertake? Then you are already showing signs of being a Self-Manager, one of the six different learning and thinking skills we will help you develop and evidence over the course of your apprenticeship

During your programme you will be encouraged supported to develop skills in being a Self-Manager, Team Worker, Creative Thinker, Independent Enquirer, Reflective Learner and an Effective Participator.

Functional Skills in Maths, English and ICT

Functional Skills is a hands-on and accessible approach to ensure you have the skills you require to complete your qualifications. Delivered one to one, Functional Skills will be issued to you after an initial assessment of your basic skills, or depending on what qualifications or grades you have when you join the apprenticeship.

This focuses on bridging gaps in knowledge and promoting confidence in the core subjects of Maths, English and ICT.

Enrichment activities

In addition to the training, support and development on your apprenticeship we offer a range of opportunities to develop additional skills and experience. We encourage all of our apprentices to participate in the following wherever possible.


The Apprentice Learner Forum (ALF) is a project and development based workshop that runs bimonthly. In these sessions apprentices have developed their own events such as a promotional event day in Lincoln City centre and an open day at City Hall. Focused sessions also take place in which organisations such as Barclay’s Life Skills provide talks, presentations and workshops.

Interview skills days

Working in collaboration with local schools and education provider’s interview skills days give students an early taste of how job interviews are conducted in preparation for their future. As part of their development our apprentices help support these days by sharing their own experiences with pupils as well as gaining experience in how to conduct professional interviews.

Careers days

In our role of providing career advice and guidance to local schools our apprentices are given the opportunity to support school careers days, talking to pupils about their experiences and offering them advice on their future career options.

Charity fundraising

Our apprentices have been involved in raising funds for various charities over the years. Events such as cake sales and dress down days organised by apprentices have been instrumental in this.

National Apprenticeship Week

March of each year celebrates National Apprenticeship week, a special time to recognise the importance and impact that apprentices make on businesses nationally. To mark this event our apprentices are heavily involved in organising special events such as open days, cake sales and other special activities such as a city wide treasure hunt.

E-learning courses

Additional free e-learning courses are offered to learners to help with their continuous professional development, knowledge and CV building.

Additional support

Support for interview skills and job interviews are offered by the team to all apprentices as well as ongoing support to help our apprentices in their job roles.