Apprentice case studies

Francesca Clayson

Francesca Clayson is our apprentice in the Central Tenancy Management Team. 

Hi Fran, could you tell us how long have you been working at the council?

I have been working for the council since July 2016.

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?

I knew I didn’t want to go to sixth-form as I didn’t really enjoy school and doing exams. I wanted to get into the working world and gain valuable experience.

What do you think you have got out of your apprenticeship so far?

I feel that I have gained a lot of experience as I deal with the public on a day to day basis. I feel as if my job role has made me more of a confident person.  

I have also met a lot of new people, and been out to see resident’s in their homes. I wouldn’t have done that at sixth-form or college.

Any new skills that you’ve developed since July?

The skills I have developed is probably being able to communicate over the phone to tenants in a professional manner as before my apprenticeship I never had to do this. Also, having to confidence to speak to the public on a day to day basis.

Would you recommend the Council’s apprenticeship scheme to others?

I would recommend the council's apprenticeship scheme to anyone! 

Would you ever consider doing a higher/degree level apprenticeship?

I would consider this as qualifications like this look very good on your CV.