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Lincoln Investment Plan

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Lincoln Town Deal Board submitted plans to government to bid for nearly £25m of funding over the next five years to deliver long-term economic growth in the city.

Lincoln was one of 101 towns and cities selected by government to work towards a Town Deal and, in January 2020, a multi-agency board was established to oversee the creation of the Town Investment Plan which includes a vision and 5-year project programme to support the growth and development of the city.

The Town Investment Plan includes the priorities of digitalisation, skills to support inclusive growth, sustainable transport and urban regeneration, tested in consultation with the citizens’ panel earlier in the year. The plan was further developed by working closely with a range of stakeholders and through the assessment of economic evidence. Carbon reduction, inclusive growth needs and the recovery from Covid-19 have also been considered.

The plan requested £24.75m across 15 Project from the Town Investment Fund. The plan was approved in March 2020 and received support of £19million. An assessment process was then undertaken to approve the final 13 projects to be included in the Town Deal Programme. These were then put forward as part of the 2 month submission documents for approval in May 2020.

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