About the Lincoln Town Deal Board

Summary of the Board Meetings

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23 October 2020

  • Approval of final Town Investment Plan for submission to Government on 29th October
  • Nominations and approval of representation to cover board vacancies 

25 September 2020

  • Presentation of draft investment plan provided 
  • Setting up of working group to independently consider the prioritisation of town deal projects for town investment plan 
  • Timeline for final submission approved for 29th October 

24 July 2020

  • Review and endorsement of the vision for the Town Investment Plan in Lincoln
  • Review of project proposals with reference to the guidance and early assessment of impact and deliverability
  • Review of proposal for accelerated project delivery
  • Next Steps – drafting of the Town Investment Plan and development of project proposals

5th June 2020

  • Detailed framework guidance in process of being developed, to assist with the submission of Town Fund application 
  • Initial analysis of the impact of Covid-19 on the Lincoln economy has been undertaken, which will further inform the evidence base
  • A Stakeholder consultation has been undertaken, with the receipt of 2q2 responses from a representative panel of 811 resident in the City of Lincoln. The first section o the survey focussed on the relative importance of the Town Fund themes and provided the following results:  
    • Connectivity, including digital – 43%
    •  Urban regeneration – 29%
    • Skills and enterprise – 28%
  • A review of connectivity themes identified the following concepts as being of highest priority: 
    • Invest in a sustainable transport infrastructure 
    • Develop the Living Lab idea
    • Grow investment in digital technology to improve service delivery 
  • A presentation was provided on the draft Digital Survey 
  • Verbal report provided on the Greater Lincolnshire Economic Recovery Plan 


27th February 2020

  • Appointment of Mary Stuart as Chair
  • Seeking a Vice Chair from a private sector partner
  • Terms of Reference have been amended to reflect the broader membership and the quorum has been increased to 10
  • The Town Deal Area was discussed
  • A paper on the Capacity Funding was provided for approval. This gives a notional breakdown of how we intend to spend the funding
  • Presentation on the evidence base, stakeholder consultation and emerging themes for the Town Investment Plan
  • Karl Gibson of LCC provided a presentation on the Lincoln Transport Strategy


23rd January 2020

  • Lincoln has lots of growth ambitions and working together we are excited by the possibilities provided by the Towns Fund
  • Overview of the Town Deal programme
  • Discussed the draft governance arrangements
  • Presentation provided on the Town Investment Plan
  • The programme and next steps were discussed
  • Agreed that the next board meeting would be held in public
  • Code of conduct to be developed and circulated
  • Emerging priorities for Investment - digital, skills and sustainable transport