Towns Fund Projects

14. Lincoln Made Smarter

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Project Lead

University of Lincoln 

Project Description

The ‘Lincoln Made Smarter’ (LMS) scheme will accelerate the adoption and development of industrial digital technologies (IDTs) through focused support to SMEs to drive productivity.

LMS will support SMEs from basic awareness of the potential of digital adoption through to making transformational changes in the use of technology and the development of new products and systems.

Project Rationale

  • Responds to the evidence of need to support the digitalisation of industry in order to drive productivity 
  • Recognises the opportunity Lincoln offers in terms of the scale of manufacturing and digital base required to drive value and impact, alongside important capabilities in the exploitation of digital technology and internationally and nationally significant research assets and R&D capacity
  • Adds value to the portfolio of capital schemes and infrastructure by providing focused support to ensure that local SMEs have the best opportunity to digitalise, grow and raise productivity – provides a link between the University, LSIP and the wider business community