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Electric vehicle charging points

Electric vehicle charging points

Electric charging points are available at:

  • Broadgate multi storey car park - 2 charging points
  • Lucy Tower multi storey car park  - 2 charging points
  • The Lawn car park - 2 charging points
  • Lincoln Central car park - 12 charging points

Broadgate and Lincoln Central car park have a Fastcharge wall mount with two 32A sockets and Lucy Tower has a Combicharge wall mount with one 13A socket and one 32A socket. 

The Lawn has a rapid charge unit.

You will need to pay for parking as normal while charging your vehicle.

Plugged-In Midlands

You may wish to register with Plugged-In Midlands which offers a convenient way of charging your electric vehicle across the East and West Midlands.

Access to their charge points is provided via a ‘simple to use’ membership RFID card. To register for a card and for more information visit www.pluggedinmidlands.co.uk or call 0845 838 0551.

You can view an extensive list of charging points in the UK and East Midlands on the following map: 

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