Roadmap to net zero carbon Lincoln plans set out


Lincoln Climate Commission will be laying out its plans to make the city carbon neutral by 2030 in an inaugural meeting held on Zoom.

‘The road map to net zero’, which will take place on 7 August, will showcase a range of cost and carbon effective options that would need to introduced in Lincoln over the next 10 years including reducing emissions from transport and heat energy to reach the goal within the next decade.

The Lincoln Climate Commission emerged in 2019 as collaboration between City of Lincoln Council, Siemens, Transition Lincoln and the University of Lincoln with the goal of making Lincoln a carbon neutral city by 2030. It now includes 35 partners with in-depth knowledge, skills and experience of carbon management and climate change forming a partnership to deliver a localised response to the climate emergency. 

Carbon emissions in Lincoln have fallen by 42% since 2005, and with on-going decarbonisation of electricity and taking into account population and economic growth, the commission projects that by 2050 carbon emissions will have reduced by 56% compared to 2005 levels.

In order to achieve the goal of net zero, a number of projects will be discussed including the Lincoln Transport Strategy, which sets out a range of options to significantly reduce emissions and plans to seek funding to implement sustainable transport schemes and improvements walking and cycling provisions. 

In order to achieve the goal of net zero, the roadmap highlights how organisations will need to work together to deliver schemes identified in the Lincoln Transport Strategy and Lincolnshire Energy Strategy, which both set out a range of options to significantly reduce emissions. Government funding will be sought to assist households to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, with initial funding for the Lincs4warmer homes scheme already secured and available to householders in fuel poverty. 

Cllr Ric Metcalfe, Leader at City of Lincoln Council and Chair of the Lincoln Climate Commission said: “Evidence suggests there are unlikely to me many ‘silver bullets’ that lead to dramatic changes in Lincoln’s carbon footprint so instead we must focus on multiple options adopted across all sectors.

“The roadmap sets out a range of cost effective and carbon effective options for we would need to introduce over the next ten years to achieve out ambition of being carbon neutral by 2030.”

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Published on August 6th 2020