Home personal alarms and remote monitoring

Equipment and costs

The base unit is the integral part of the system and all peripheral equipment. Sensors and detectors communicate to this device which in turn dials LinCare and opens a hands-free two-way communication between the client and one of the operators.

It uses an existing working outgoing telephone socket; any household phone can be plugged directly into the alarm unit and there is no need for a second line or a telephone line splitter.

All base units have standard safety features to maintain and warn the client of faults, including:

  • Mains electric failure: whether accidentally unplugged or a power cut the alarm unit indicates to the client of the problem and sends a call to LinCare (every four hours) advising the operators of the situation. While this is happening the alarm unit will continue to work because of an internal battery, which usually lasts for several days
  • Telephone line faults: again whether accidentally unplugged, a phone off the hook or a fault from the telephone supplier, the alarm unit will alert the client to a loss of telephone service

Basic package

The basic package consists of a base unit, including pendant, and is the most popular of the rental choices currently available. If you are interested in the basic package and the cost of it please contact Lincare Control Centre.

Additional equipment

We can also provide you with extra equipment to help protect you from other risks. If you are interested in any additional products and the cost of them please contact Lincare Control Centre.

Contact Lincare Control Centre

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