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Home personal alarms and remote monitoring

What does Lincare control center do?

Once the alarm call is received an experienced operator will ascertain the problem, reassure the client and arrange for the relevant assistance.

In an emergency situation LinCare operators can call a nominated contact i.e. family member, friend or neighbour and/or where appropriate the emergency services. Where there is another person in the property the operator may advise this person to call for an ambulance, this is to help the ambulance service to ascertain, first hand the details of the incident, pass on first aid advice and correctly prioritise the call.

For alarm calls where the operator receives ‘no response’ they will follow up the call to ascertain the clients’ well being, by using the nominated contacts. All alarm calls received cannot be closed until the safety of the client is confirmed.

The control centre can also accept non-emergency calls, for example, when testing the alarm unit, advising about an absence, changing details etc. We can do all of this for the client whilst they are on the line.

We will always try to accommodate the wishes of the client, but from time to time where health and safety is compromised or mental capacity is affected the operator will carry out the best course of action available, while still informing the client of the actions taken.

Contact Lincare Control Centre

Telephone: 01522 544813