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Horses on the common

Keeping a horse on the common

You can keep a horse on the common lands but you need to first register the horse with us. You can find out more about commons land in Lincoln here.

If you wish to pasture a horse on the commons:

  • You must be an inhabitant of Lincoln and have proof of your address
  • You must apply in person
  • You must be the owner of the horse and have the horse passport issued under the provisions of the Horse Passport (England) Regulations 2004; or you have a loan agreement, where you as the individual is the carer and keeper of the horse, provided that this agreement is made with a charity or a recognised organisation which is associated with equine welfare issues
  • Your horse must be over one years of age
  • No stallions or colts will be permitted on the Commons or Cowpaddle
  • Each horse must be micro-chipped with the serial code linked to the passport
  • Your horse should not be used for commercial purposes
  • You should obtain a stamp from a qualified vet that certifies the horse has recently been examined, and that it is free of all diseases. You must also have treated your horse for worms
  • Download the application form and contact Licensing on 01522 873564 in order to book an appointment for registration
  • Our team will advise you when your horse will be allowed to be kept on the commons

It is suggested that consideration be given to joining the Lincoln Commons Horse Association.

Licensing team

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