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Your Council Tax bill - 2018 FAQs

Most of your questions regarding your 2018 Council Tax bill can be answered on this page, or in the downloads below.

No, you do not need to do anything or contact us.

If your bill states that your payments will be made by direct debit then your existing direct debit agreement will be automatically updated for this years' payments.

The Disabled Band Reduction means that taxpayers are charged at a band lower than the band of the property.  

If you are receiving this reduction, on your bill you will see the band that you are being charged alongside the words “Band Reduction”.  

If there is no band shown alongside these words, then you are not receiving a Disabled Band Reduction.

You do not need to do anything or contact us.

Council Tax is calculated on a daily basis and we can revise your bill up to a month in advance of any known changes, such as moving house.  

You should inform us when you know the date that you will be moving out here www.lincoln.gov.uk/reportamove.

We will then send you a revised bill charging you only for the days that you are resident in the property.  

If your moving out date is more than a month in the future, we will send you your revised a bill one month before your move.

Complete the online form at www.lincoln.gov.uk/reportamove to provide us with the details of your change of address.

Discounts for empty properties (both furnished and unfurnished) have been set and funded by the Council since 2013.  

This year, to encourage the owners of empty properties to bring their properties into use, the Council has decided to reduce the discounts

You can read more on our empty and exempt property page.

Your council tax is used to fund a number of different services across the county and city. 

Adult Social Care is part of Lincolnshire County Council’s responsibility. Since April 2016, the Government has allowed the County Council to increase the amount they charge to council tax payers for Adult Social Care, but this extra increase has to be shown separately on the bill.

Council Tax is charged to each property according to which valuation band the property has been placed by the valuation officer and there is no reduction in the bill for the street lights being turned off.

Street lighting is a service provided by Lincolnshire County Council, due to ongoing funding cuts, the county council is looking to save £1.7m from its annual £5m street lighting budget. 

If you have any questions about the lights being turned off, you should address them to Lincolnshire County Council.  

The precept for the Police and Crime Commissioner goes towards paying for the services of the whole Police Force and is not just to meet the salary costs of the Commissioner.  

If you want further details about this, you address your enquiry to the Crime and Police Commissioner on 01522 558140.

If there is an amount on your bill that requires immediate payment, this is because it is an outstanding amount from previous years and should be paid before 31st March.

We send a bill to every household every financial year.  

Even if you do not pay Council Tax because, for example, you are on full benefit, we will still send you a bill to advise you of the charge and how much benefit you are receiving. 

You should check the figures on the bill and supporting letters carefully to ensure that your benefit is correct.  If it isn't you can contact us online.

If you can't find what you're looking for visit our contact us page for a number of options which may help.