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HMO Article 4 formal process

Following a consultation exercise in respect of the options available to the city council for the future management and control of houses in multiple occupation, the council has made an Article 4 direction, relating to houses in multiple occupation, for the whole of the City of Lincoln Council area.

The council invited representations on the Article 4 direction between 27 February and 20 March 2015, and subsequently decided to confirm the direction on 25 January 2016. A consultation statement has been produced outlining the consultation, representations and comments received and officer responses to the main issues raised, and can be downloaded in the downloads section below

For any media enquiries please contact the communications team on 01522 873384 or communications@lincoln.gov.uk.

Formal process and documentation

The process which led the council to pursue the consideration of an Article 4 direction for the council’s administrative area for the purpose of houses in multiple occupation and an accreditation scheme for private sector housing is summarised below:

Summary of key milestones for implementation

Below are you can find the key milestones for both the Article 4 project and the ‘Supplementary Planning Document’.

The ‘Supplementary Planning Document’ is a document which is required to legally enforce the Article 4 direction and will include the criteria against which planning applications will be decided in the future.

Article 4 direction key milestones 

  • Decision from Executive /Article 4 direction made: 15th December 2014
  • Serve notice locally and notify the Secretary of State: 27th February to 20th March 2015
  • Evidence gathering: to January 2016
  • Consultation responses presented to Executive: 15th June 2015
  • Preparation of Supplementary Planning Document to: December 2015
  • Take proposed policy to Policy Scrutiny Committee: 20th January 2016
  • Decision whether to confirm the direction – Executive: 25th January 2016
  • Direction would come into force subject to decision: 1st March 2016
  • Serve notice locally and notify the Secretary of State: February to March 2016
  • Annual monitoring and review: from 31st March 2016 

Supplementary Planning Document

  • Decision from Executive: 15th December 2014
  • Evidence gathering: to January 2016
  • Consideration of evidence and preparation of draft SPD: May to August 2015
  • Draft SPD presented to Executive: 24th August 2015
  • Consultation on draft SPD: September to October 2015
  • Consideration of representations and preparation of the final draft SPD: October to December 2015
  • Final draft SPD to Policy Scrutiny Committee: 20th January 2016
  • Final draft SPD to Executive for final decision: 25th January 2016
  • Adoption SPD remains ‘Draft’ until Central Lincolnshire Local Plan adopted: (earliest November 2016) 1st March 2016/Final November 2016 (subject to change)
  • Annual monitoring and review: from 31st March 2016
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