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Lincoln Western Growth Corridor - Latest proposals

In light of the postponement of the Western Growth Corridor public consultation workshops, the City of Lincoln Council have determined it necessary to alter the end date of the consultation period. As such the new formal end date of the Western Growth Corridor public consultation will be 5pm, Wednesday 15 November 2017. Any comments received up to that date will be considered as part of the consultation and fed into our considerations for the masterplan.

The proposals will seek to get outline planning permission for

  • up to 3,200 homes
  • a local centre with retail and commercial units 
  • a new primary school
  • a commercial employment area of up to 20 hectares
  • a sport and leisure complex, with a new stadium, health and leisure facilities, a hotel and food and drink provision
Western Growth Corridor - Latest proposals

Residential character

Residential development will be predominately 2 storeys with 3 or 4 storey dwellings located within the local centre. This area will be of a traditional character with dwellings reflecting the local character and distinctive features of existing dwellings in the surrounding area.

Development will work with the topography and features of the site to create an attractive townscape ensuring views of the castle and cathedral are captured and framed.

Housing example
Housing example
Housing example

Sport and leisure complex 

The Community Stadium and leisure complex will have a modern and contemporary design. The separation provided by the proposed local park between the commercial development and the sports and leisure development and the residential development to the south creates a visual break between the northern and southern portions of the site allowing for contemporary and more traditional architectural styles to comfortably sit adjacent to one another.

Sports and Leisure example

Commercial character

The commercial development will have a modern and contemporary design, providing high quality office spaces. Development will be limited to up to 3 or 4 storeys in this area.

Commercial example

Local centre and general appearance

Local center
Local center example