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Lincoln Western Growth Corridor - Masterplan objectives

In light of the postponement of the Western Growth Corridor public consultation workshops, the City of Lincoln Council have determined it necessary to alter the end date of the consultation period. As such the new formal end date of the Western Growth Corridor public consultation will be 5pm, Wednesday 15 November 2017. Any comments received up to that date will be considered as part of the consultation and fed into our considerations for the masterplan.

The development of the Lincoln Western Growth Corridor is hoped to achieve the following objectives

Sensitivity to heritage assets:

To sensitively integrate existing heritage assets, such as the Old Decoy and views towards the Cathedral and Castle, as well as presenting opportunities to develop the identity of the new community.

Transport Impact:

Off-site junction improvement works will help manage traffic impact, in particular the eastern end of Skellingthorpe Road. Streets will be designed to enable bus priority through the heart of the scheme to promote the use of public transport.

Quality new homes for Lincoln:

We will provide a range of distinctive housing types including terraced, semi detached and detached homes and different tenures including affordable homes.

Community Engagement:

We will involve communities in the planning, governance and ownership of the scheme and its community assets to enable a sense of pride.

A place to work as well as live:

Employment uses are proposed to create job opportunities for local people. The design of flexible space within homes can support working from home as well.

A strong pedestrian and cycle network:

We will promote pedestrian, cycle and green linkages to connect the site internally and to wider destinations such as the city centre, Hartsholme Country Park and links to the existing routes around the site.

A positive design response to site constraints to create opportunities:

Creative design solutions are turning various site constraints to the scheme’s best advantage.

Make use of the special features of the site:

As well as protecting views towards Lincoln Castle and Cathedral, the development aims to develop green corridors along the Catchwater Drain and areas of Public Open Space.

An attractive local centre:

At the heart of the proposed development is the community hub and development here will include a primary school, neighbourhood retail uses and recreational facilities.

Design for landscape character:

There will be landscaped gardens, tree lined streets, formal and informal greenspaces and a generous approach to planting within all public areas.

Leisure and Recreation Hub:

A regional sport and leisure complex comprising a new stadium; hotel, health and leisure facilities and ancillary food and drink elements

Project delivery, quality and innovation:

We will continue to maintain a strong and collaborative project team to address the complex challenges of delivering the right development in the right place and at the right time.