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Allotments in Lincoln

Allotment gardening offers many other worthwhile health and lifestyle benefits including:

  • A wide variety of low cost high quality fruit and vegetables all year round
  • A healthy and sustainable level of regular physical activity throughout the year
  • A chance to meet new people, join like-minded people and learn new skills
  • A contribution to environmental sustainability and biodiversity
  • Reducing food miles to food metres
  • Reducing the costs of your weekly food bills

Interested in an allotment?

As long as you a resident within the city of Lincoln you can apply! 

Start your application >

Did you know

That 30 minutes of gardening on an allotment can burn the same number of calories as you would burn in a low impact aerobics session of the same duration?

Allotment locations:

  • Boultham Park
  • Boultham Glebe
  • Burton Ridge
  • Canwick Hill
  • Clarence Street
  • Greenbank Drive
  • Hykeham Road
  • Long Leys Road
  • Kingsway
  • Simons Hill
  • Sincil Bank
  • South Common
  • St Botolphs Crescent
  • Tritton Road
  • Wragby Road
  • Yarborough Crescent