Archaeology and Heritage

Jews House and Jews Court

Jews House

An exceptional stone house of the mid-late 12th-century with a rich ornamental doorway and chimney. It originally had three segmental arches for shop fronts, since replaced by modern insertions. The upper storey would have been a large hall, but has been divided into smaller rooms. When the Jews were expelled from England in 1290, the owner was Belaset daughter of Solomon of Wallingford.

Jews Court

Three-storey limestone building with rear range, essentially dating to the 17th and/or 18th centuries. Some traditions hold it be a 12th-century synagogue, with a niche in the east wall considered to be the ark; documentary sources confirm that there was a synagogue against the Jews House, but it may have been located to the rear.

From c.1800 it was divided into four tenements and only just escaped demolition in late 1920s slum clearance.