Archaeology and Heritage

LARA (Lincoln Archaeological Research Assessment)

Now online as part of the Heritage Connect Lincoln web site

LARA is an authoritative, up to date statement of what we know of Lincoln’s archaeology up to 1945, and identifies which areas of the City can fill in gaps in knowledge. Lincoln is the first historic city whose archaeology has been analysed in this way and has been produced in conjunction with English Heritage.

The 7 Eras:

  1. Prehistoric Era ( BC10000- c.AD60)
  2. Roman Military Era (c.60AD-c.90AD)
  3. Roman Colonia Era (c.90-c.410)
  4. Early Medieval Era (c.410-c.850)
  5. High Medieval Era (c.850-c.1350)
  6. Early Modern Era (c.1350-c.1750)
  7. Industrial Era (c.1750-c.1945)

Within each Era there is a geographic character division into Research Agenda Zones (RAZs), ranging in number from just 5 RAZs in the Prehistoric Era to 163 in the Industrial Era.

Each Research Agenda Zone text has four parts:

  • A brief statement about the physical character of the zone
  • An account of the relative archaeological significance of the zone
  • A statement about how we wish to explore it in future, and
  • A statement about how we have defined the boundary of the zone – whether it is clearly defined or vague, whether it is known or a result of hypothesis

Explore LARA online on the Heritage Connect Lincoln website. Find the Character Area for the site you are interested in.

The City By The Pool

Although LARA’s primary function is as an active GIS (Geographic Information System), the complete RAZ texts and the maps which go with them have been abstracted and are presented on a CD, part of this comprehensive book on Lincoln’s archaeology, to provide the City and the public with a comprehensive Research Agenda for any part of Lincoln in any Era.

Jones, Michael J, Stocker, D & Vince, Alan 2003, (Stocker, D, ed), The City by the Pool. Assessing the Archaeology of the City of Lincoln, Lincoln Archaeological Studies 10, Oxbow Books, Oxford, c.450 pages with CD ISBN 1-84217-107-0