Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2021

Police and Crime Commissioner Elections - 6 May 2021

Police and Crime Commissioners are elected every four years, with the current term running until 13 May 2020. The Police and Crime Commissioner elections for England and Wales originally scheduled to be held on 7 May 2020 will now be held on 6 May 2021.

Police Area Returning Officer

The overall responsibility for the conduct of the election will sit with the designated Police Area Returning Officer for each Police Force Area as set out in the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011.

The Minister of State of the Cabinet Office has formally designated the City of Lincoln Council to provide the appropriate officer (Head of Paid Service) to conduct the 2020 Police and Crime Commissioner election for the Lincolnshire Police Area.

Mrs Angela Andrews, Chief Executive at the City of Lincoln Council, is the Police Area Returning Officer and will discharge her duties in accordance with The Police and Crime Commissioner Elections Order 2012.

Prospective Candidates

A briefing for prospective candidates and agents will be held at City Hall, Beaumont Fee, Lincoln. A date and time for this will be confirmed in due course.

The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners has produced a Police and Crime Commissioner Briefing which provides guidance, advice and information for anyone interested in standing as a candidate.

Further information, including qualifications for standing as a candidate, can be found on the Electoral Commission website.

Election Timetable

Key dates for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections 2021 will appear here.

Supplementary Voting System

Police and Crime Commissioner elections use the Supplementary Vote (SV) system.

The ballot paper will list the Police and Crime Commissioner candidates, with two columns for marking your first choice and second choice.

In the first column, you mark a cross [X] next to the candidate who is your first choice. For your vote to be counted, you need to cast a first choice vote.

In the second column, you can mark a cross [X] next to the candidate who is your second choice. You do not have to mark a second choice.

If only two candidates stand in your area, the election will use the first-past-the-post system. You can only vote for one candidate in this instance, by putting a cross [X] in the box next to your choice.

Statutory Notices

Statutory Notices for the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections will appear on this page for the City of Lincoln voting area. Notices relating to other voting areas within the Lincolnshire Police Area can be viewed via the following local authority websites: