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How can my councillor help me?

What problems can my councillor help me with?    

You can approach your councillor with any problem relating to the City of Lincoln Council. Councillors will be able to offer you advice on problems which you may be experiencing, and can also take your problem up with the relevant council officer on your behalf.

It is important to note that there may be some restrictions upon the help a councillor may be able to offer, such as if a councillor sits on the Planning Committee and your problem relates to a planning application.

How do I know whether to approach a city or county councillor?

Lincolnshire County Council and the City of Lincoln Council have different responsibilities, and so it is best to try to make sure that you speak to a councillor at the responsible council about your problem. Lincolnshire County Council is known as an upper-tier authority, while the City Council is a district council. Both have a large number of responsibilities, but some of the most frequently raised matters are listed below for guidance purposed.

City of Lincoln Council    

  • Building control    
  • Car parks
  • Council tax and housing benefits
  • Development control/Planning
  • Electoral registration and elections
  • Environmental health
  • Housing
  • Leisure
  • Licensing
  • Property and land searches
  • Rubbish collections

Lincolnshire County Council

  • Care of young, elderly and disabled people
  • County strategic planning
  • Highways maintenance
  • Libraries and archives
  • Public transport
  • Registration of births, deaths and marriages
  • Schools and education
  • Street lighting and furniture
  • Traffic management and planning
  • Water courses 

How do I contact my councillor?

You can view your ward councillors' contact details online

If you are unsure who your local councillor search for your address on Lincolnshire County Council’s website or cal 01522 873387.

If you wish to contact your Lincolnshire County Councillor you can access their website which has details of the relevant councillors for each area.

Democratic Services

Tel: 01522 873387

Email:  democraticservices@lincoln.gov.uk

If you can't find what you're looking for visit our contact us page for a number of options which may help.