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Lincolnshire County Council Elections 2017

Lincolnshire County Council Elections 2017

Full details of the Lincolnshire County Council 2017 elections can be found by visiting Lincolnshire County Council's website.

Thursday 4th May 2017

Candidates for each ward in the Lincoln area are listed below.

Kevin John Harrington, UKIP

Rosanne Christina Kirk, Labour and Co-operative Party

John Anthony Radford, Green Party

Tony Richardson, Liberal Democrats

Eddie Strengiel, The Conservative Party Candidate

Morgan Fae Aran, Liberal Democrats

Alan William Briggs, The Conservative Party Candidate

Kevin John Clarke, Labour Party

Sally Anne Horscroft, Green Party

Tim Richens, UKIP

Stephen Lonsdale, Liberal Democrats

Benjamin Jeffrey Leigh Loryman, Green Party

Rob Parker, Labour and Co-operative Party

Kateryna R Salvador, The Conservative Party Candidate

Tony Todd, UKIP

Andrew Dunn, UKIP

Edward Evelyn Francis, Green Party

Jackie Lisa Kirk, Labour Party

Nicole Danielle Pouncey, Liberal Democrats

Christopher Edward Reid, The Conservative Party Candidate

Geoff Ellis, Labour Party

Matthew Thomas Fido, The Conservative Party Candidate

Christopher Padley, Green Party

Lynn Joan Pepper, Liberal Democrats

Jane Smith, UKIP

Natasha Seeta Chapman, Liberal Democrats

Julie Elizabeth Killey, Labour Party

Alex Sayer, The Conservative Party Candidate

Hannah Poppy Smith, UKIP

Simon John Offord Tooke, Green Party

Caroline Hilda Kenyon, Liberal Democrats

Andy Kerry, The Conservative Party Candidate

Fiona McKenna, Green Party

Robin Anthony Renshaw, Labour Party

Laura Anastasia Smith, UKIP

Chris Burke, Labour Party

Corinne Byron, Liberal Democrats

Hilton Spratt, Conservative Party Candidate

Barry Charles Stonham, UKIP

Lee Thomas, Green Party

If you have any questions about the elections please email: electoral@lincoln.gov.uk.
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