Corporate publications

Corporate publications

The Strategic Plan is our most important document, setting out the council’s ambitions for the future.

This plan has been written following widespread public consultation, and sets out the council’s priorities and projects for the next five years.

Sitting alongside the Strategic Plan is the delivery plan. This has been published in two phases -an initial two year Delivery Plan from 2012-14, which detailed some 98 different projects and investments totalling £4 million. This has been replaced with a subsequent delivery plan covering the period 2014 - 17, itself containing almost 70 schemes representing investment (from a variety of internal an external sources) of almost £47million.

Whilst we intend to make significant progress against these documents, the current financial challenges facing the council mean that in the early years of this strategy our focus will be on the following three core areas:

  • Growing the local economy - to do what the council can to bring employment to the city and help people , particularly in deprived areas, gain employment in a very competitive labour market and hence help lift them out of a cycle of poverty and its associated negative impacts on health and well being
  • Protect the poorest people in Lincoln - from the hardship effects of the current recession
  • Increase the supply of affordable housing - to meet increasing demand

Strategic Plan 2012-2017.

Delivery Plan 2012-2014.

Delivery Plan 2014-2017.

Annual Report 2015

The Annual Report offers a look-back at the many successes and achievements of the City Council over the last year. It includes a number of case studies to show how our work in the city is improving the lives of local residents.

Annual Report 2015.

Fairtrade Policy

The City of Lincoln Council’s Executive committee passed a resolution supporting and promoting fairtrade in July 2012.

Fairtrade Policy.

Lincoln City Profile

The Lincoln City Profile is an annual report of the City of Lincoln Council which focuses on the key challenges to Lincoln

Lincoln City Profile.

Community Cohesion Strategy

The strategy provides a framework for partner organisations, groups and individuals to locate their activity. It sets out a vision and the objectives we need to meet to realise that vision. It is supported by an agreed partnership action plan.

Community Cohesion Strategy.

Corporate Governance Framework

The City of Lincoln Council’s Framework for Corporate Governance is made up of the systems and processes, culture and values by which the authority is directed and how it relates to the community it serves.

Good corporate governance requires the councils to be open, transparent, effective, inclusive of all sectors of the community, accountable to the public it serves and to demonstrate integrity.

This framework is a public statement of the ways in which the council will achieve good corporate governance.

Framework for Corporate Governance.

Scrutiny Annual Report

The City of Lincoln Council operates an Executive system, comprising the Leader and other portfolio holders. Much of the operational decision-making within the Council takes place within the Executive.

To improve the quality of the decisions made by the Council, a scrutiny structure was put in place under the local government modernisation agenda, which provided the opportunity for the remaining non-Executive Councillors to challenge decisions made by the Executive.

Each year a scrutiny annual report is produced summarising the work undertaken in that year. The annual report is then received by the Full Council. Copies of these annual reports can be downloaded from the Council’s committee management system by and navigating to the relevant agenda.

Shared Revenues and Benefits Service - Annual Report 2014

The Annual Report for the Shared Revenues and Benefits Service focuses on achievements and changes within the service over the past year.

> Shared Revenues and Benefits Service - Annual Report 2014.

The Local Performance Management Framework

The Local Performance Management Framework sets out how we manage performance at the following levels:

  • City - this data can be found in the Drivers Report, which is produced annually with a six monthly update
  • City Council (Strategic) - each autumn we publish an  Annual Report which outlines how we are performing as a council in tackling the key issues affecting our communities
  • City Council (Operational) - each quarter we report on the operational performance of all our services. This goes to Performance Scrutiny Committee
  • Neighbourhood - reporting on how selected services are performing at the neighbourhood level is undertaken as and when requested by local groups or forums. You can read more about our Neighbourhood Teams here

Community Right to Bid Policy

The Community Right to Bid (‘the Right’), which is also known as Assets of Community Value is one of the new community rights derived from the Localism Act 2011, all of which have a stated aim of devolving power to local communities.

The aim of the Right is to empower communities wishing to protect valuable local assets (land and buildings) by requiring the Council to maintain a list of assets in its area which are of community value, so that upon sale, the community will have a chance to delay a sale in order to prepare a bid to buy it.

Click here to download the Community Right to Bid Policy.

Corporate Consultation and Engagement Strategy

The City of Lincoln Council has a statutory duty to provide cost effective and efficient services and to consult with our communities on service delivery (Local Government Act 1999). The Council’s Strategic Plan identifies its key priorities, and together with the two or three year delivery plans, also sets out how the priorities will be delivered. In order to achieve service and development aims, stakeholders must have the opportunity to provide feedback on current service provision and have a say in the planning and delivery of future developments.

The council’s three year “Consultation and Engagement Strategy” has been developed to ensure that there are processes in place to ensure this.

Click here to download the Corporate Consultation and Engagement Strategy.

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