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National Apprenticeship Week Profile - Lauryn Griffiths

National Apprenticeship Week  - Lauryn Griffiths

Published: 06/03/2017
Lauryn Griffiths

In the first of our profiles for National Apprenticeship Week, we talk to Lauryn Griffiths, our Civic Apprentice. Lauryn has been with us at City of Lincoln Council for seven months, and is doing an NVQ Level 2 in Business and Administration.

Hi Lauryn.  Could you start by please telling us why you decided to take an apprenticeship?

I didn’t want to do A levels and therefore I opted for an alternative route: an apprenticeship. I also liked the thought of earning some money whilst gaining a recognised qualification and real work experience. An apprenticeship is completely different from any other forms of education. When completing an apprenticeship you are completely in control of managing your workload, you work independently instead of attending lessons or lectures. You are treated as a member of staff and expected to act like a professional adult.

So far, what would you say your apprenticeship with City of Lincoln Council has given you?

I have gained a lot from my apprenticeship including: more confidence in a working environment and when on the phone, I have made new friends and formed good working relationships, gained knowledge on business and admin and also became more independent.
I have become more confident when answering the phone and meeting people face to face. I have also developed more skills in composing emails that are sent internally and externally.

Would you recommend the Council’s apprenticeship scheme to others? If so, why?

If someone is looking to do a business/admin apprenticeship I would definitely recommend the council’s apprenticeship scheme to others. It gives you the opportunity to get an insight to what a real working environment is like and also to decide whether an admin roll is for you.

 What do you do in the Civic Office?

This is where all the ceremonial stuff takes place! We manage the Civic Party’s dairy, which is the Mayor and Sheriff and their partners.  We also plan a lot of charity events to support the Mayor’s chosen charity.

Would you ever consider doing a higher level apprenticeship?

If there was a subject that I wanted to pursue at a higher level,  then I would be interested to find out more about higher level apprenticeships. I personally think that they could be more beneficial than a typical university degree,  as you are gaining valuable work experience whilst completing a degree!

Finally, could you sum up your experience as an apprentice?

Leaving school has helped me develop so much as a person and gain valuable work experience - Apprenticeships are the way forward!