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Evacuation plan put in place

Published: 11/03/2016
High street

A robust plan detailing how Lincoln city centre would be evacuated in the event of a major emergency has been put in place.

Lincoln City Centre Evacuation Plan sets out procedures to ensure public safety in the event of a major incident, including severe weather, flooding, chemical incidents and major fires, dividing the city into 27 zones.

It is the result of extensive work by City of Lincoln Council and its partners to make sure arrangements are in place for a co-ordinated response to a major emergency. It provides a structure to ensure everyone can work together to minimise the loss of life and injury as well as protecting the economic and social well-being of businesses, residents and visitors.

John Latham, Director of Development and Environmental Services, said: “While the thought of having to evacuate the city centre is not one you really want to have, the reality is it may have to happen at some point.

“By having this plan in place we’re ensuring all partners know what they’re needed to do in a crisis situation, and, essentially, making the public aware of where they need to go should an evacuation be deemed necessary.

“You would hope that it would never be needed but we know that should any major incident occur that requires the evacuation of the city centre, it can happen with everyone knowing what is expected of them to ensure there is minimal risk to people and businesses.”

Letters are being sent to businesses and residents containing information on how they will be notified of the need to evacuate, what they should do and what measures they should have in place in case of an emergency.

Advice includes creating an emergency plan for a building, making sure know where assembly routes and assembly points are and how staff and visitors will be alerted if the need to evacuate arises.

For more information on the Lincoln City Centre Evacuation Plan visit:www.lincoln.gov.uk/emergency

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