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Gas Leak Update - Sign up for free emergency text service

Published on: 12/04/2016
Lincoln High Street

It’s free, fast, and it could save lives. City of Lincoln Council is encouraging people who live or own businesses in the city centre to sign up to a free text message service, in case of an emergency evacuation.

As part of the scheme, the city centre area has been divided into 27 ‘zones’ to make it easier to help people in the event of an emergency. If an evacuation is required in your zone, you will be notified by text.

The scheme was initially launched in June 2015 as part of the City Centre Evacuation Plan, but last Friday’s (April 8) gas leak on Kesteven Street has served as a timely reminder. 

Anyone in any of the zones with a mobile phone can register for the free service by submitting your name, address and mobile phone number to: evacuation@lincoln.gov.uk.

Simon Colburn, Assistant Director - Health and Environment Services said:

“The safety of everyone in Lincoln is of the utmost importance, and Friday’s events highlight the importance of a good evacuation plan.

“If something happens, we want to be able to help people as soon as possible.”

“We’ve made it really easy to sign up to the free text message service, and we hope that people will make the most of it. 

As part of last year’s scheme, letters were sent to city centre businesses and residents containing information on how they will be notified of the need to evacuate. Advice included creating an emergency plan for a building, making sure know where assembly routes and assembly points are and how staff and visitors will be alerted if the need to evacuate arises. 

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