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Get involved in your community

Published: 11/03/2016
Get involved in your community

Residents who want to make a change in their community are being encouraged to follow in Gaunt Street’s footsteps and get involved.

City of Lincoln Council’s Resident Involvement Team is keen to work with people who want to form groups to work on projects that help their community, from creating garden spaces, to residents associations or clubs with a shared hobby at the heart.

A community garden recently opened in Gaunt Street after a resident approached the council about an area that was disused and in need of a makeover.

Yvonne Hodson, of Gaunt Street Communal Garden Group, said: “I knew the ward councillors had their Saturday morning surgeries at the Salvation Army.

“Just because we are council tenants it doesn’t mean we don’t take pride in where we live. It’s a big area and there are 32 flats that share the courtyard.

“All I was expecting to start with was for them to say it was an eyesore and that they’d have the floor redone and make it better for us.”

From there the council, residents and charity Green Synergy worked together to create the new garden that’s become ‘a haven’ for those living in Gaunt Street. This included letters being sent to all living in the area about what they’d like to see happen to the space, to many hours of labour being spent to get the area completely transformed.

Yvonne said: “I struggled to start with as I’ve never been a gardener. All the time we were doing the weekly sessions with Green Synergy to create the garden I knew I had to get on and do them because it was for our benefit.

“Tracy Otter has been the Gaunt Street Charlie Dimmock, working out there in all weathers. So many residents have over the past couple of months given us things towards the garden, whether it’s money for flowers or some plant food. It really has brought people together.

“It’s become a haven of either peace and quiet with your own thoughts, or somewhere to sit and read, or somewhere the residents can get together. All of our kitchen windows look out on to this lovely garden.”

Chris Morton, Resident Involvement Manager at the city council, said: “What’s happened in Gaunt Street has been really fantastic.

“Yvonne approached the council and from there this amazing garden has been created that people will now be going on to enjoy for years to come.

“We’re now looking to help other residents get community groups under way. Anyone who has an idea or something they’d like to put to us should get involved and contact us.

“Gaunt Street Communal Garden Group has shown that a tremendous amount can be achieved when people work together for their community.”

Residents who would like to get involved in community projects or would like information about them can visit www.lincoln.gov.uk/residentinvolvement, email christopher.morton@lincoln.gov.uk or call 01522 873443.

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