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Holocaust Memorial Day - Genocide isn’t a thing of the past

Published: 25/01/2019

Cllr Rosanne Kirk, Portfolio Holder for Reducing Inequality at City of Lincoln Council, speaks ahead of Holocaust Memorial Day to explain why genocide isn’t a thing of the past and how it can determine our future.

“Eleven million men, women and children were taken from us during the holocaust for having their own identity, religion and race, but in Britain today, our day-to-day lives seem so far removed from what happened between those years of 1933 and 1945.

“Genocide isn’t a thing of the distant past. Only in 2016, Myanmar’s army launched an assault on the Rohingya people for their Muslim faith. Genocide has been happening in South Sudan since 2013 with the Dinka-Nuer conflict and in Darfur it began in 2003 against the non-Arab community.

“Holocaust Memorial Day provides us with the opportunity to not only honour and remember those who suffered as a result of genocide, but plan for the future to make the world a safer place.

“We’re not living in a world free from genocide and by remembering those who lost their lives during the holocaust, we are reminded that change needs to happen to prevent genocidal attacks for good. We don’t want to build walls to protect ourselves from attack, we want to build bridges across the world between communities of different identities, religions and race.

“We work with a range of community groups, organisations and businesses to ensure that discriminatory activity is dealt with as a matter of urgency and improve community cohesion in the city of Lincoln and beyond.

“We want to ensure that anyone who makes the city their home feels welcome and integrated into a warm and welcoming culture of tolerance and acceptance – and that’s how it should be everywhere, for everyone.”

If you see anything suspicious, we urge you to come forward by contacting the police on 999 for emergencies or 101 for information.

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place on 27 January and is a day for everyone to remember the millions of people murdered in the Holocaust under Nazi Persecution and in the genocides which followed. For more information on Holocaust Memorial Day, visit www.hmd.org.uk

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