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Improvements proposed to ensure fairer Residents’ Parking Schemes in Lincoln

Published: 16/02/2018

A proposal to reduce the number of parking permits available per residence under Residents’ Parking Schemes in Lincoln is to be decided on by City of Lincoln Council’s Executive at its meeting on 26 February.

The maximum number of permits each residence in the city can have as part of the Scheme is currently three, but is proposed to be reduced to two.

The reason for the proposed change is an increase in complaints from residents who are struggling to find parking availability close to their home and feedback to a customer survey which showed the large majority of respondents would support the change.

The terms of the current Residents Parking Scheme a residence may apply for up to three passes, however, there are no restrictions on the overall number of passes for a particular area. This means there are often more passes issued than spaces available.

Although it is made clear to purchasers that having a pass doesn’t guarantee a space, it clearly improves the chance of permit holders being able to find an area to park. However, in recent times, the council has been made aware by residents and Councillors that some schemes are becoming overpopulated, and this needed to be addressed.

The council conducted a wide-ranging consultation, with questionnaires being sent out to almost 4,500 households in the city. The results showed that the vast majority (73% of all respondents) believed that reducing the maximum number of permits allowed to each residence would be a positive step as it  would increase parking opportunities in their area.

Councillor Neil Murray, Portfolio Holder for Planning, Policy and Economic Regeneration at City of Lincoln Council, said: “The Residents’ Parking Scheme is well established and covers a significant part of the city and, as an evolving service, improvements need to be made from time to time.

“We have been recently heard concerns from residents about the availability of parking in their area. We have listened to these concerns and are now responding accordingly with a proposal which will reduce competition for spaces and therefore help to regulate demand.

“Many of these houses and streets simply weren’t designed for this volume of cars, and whilst I am sympathetic to residences who claim a need for three passes, we have no alternative but to work in the interests of the majority in cases such as this."

Subject to final approval, the changes to the Scheme will come into place on 1 April 2018, with third permits no longer being available as and when they become due for renewal.

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