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Lincoln man fined for dumping six loads of furniture at Lincoln flat block

Shuttleworth House

A Lincoln man has been fined a total of £3,765 by Lincoln Magistrates’ Court for dumping furniture at a block of flats in Lincoln.Marcus Fravigar of Hermit Street, Lincoln was held to account for six instances of fly tipping consisting of six sofas, sofa parts, two armchairs and a sofa bed at Shuttleworth House from 25 February to 30 March 2017.

Francesca Bell, Service Manager for Public Protection and Anti-social Behaviour at City of Lincoln Council, said: “City of Lincoln Council takes fly tipping very seriously as it is not only unsightly, but it is dangerous to the public and wildlife in the area.

“As we can see from this case where we have identified the perpetrators, the necessary steps are taken by the council to fully investigate a case and take robust enforcement action where evidence permits.

“We encourage instances of fly tipping such as these to be reported, particularly where the public may have witnessed the offence or have information that may identify the perpetrator.

“Dumping waste only encourages others to dump theirs, allowing the problem to grow in certain areas of the city, so it’s important that we work together to tackle fly tipping and create a nicer environment in the city for everyone.”

CCTV footage of each incident shows a Ford transit van, belonging to Mr. Fravigar, parking adjacent to the garage area of Shuttleworth House and two men leaving the vehicle to unload the furniture from the van and deposit it neatly in the garage area before driving away. Each incident lasts no more than a couple of minutes.

The footage shows that there are consistently two men responsible for dumping the furniture. Mr. Fravigar is the passenger for each incident, whilst the same driver appears in the second and third incidents, and a different driver appears for each of the other four incidents.

Mr Fravigar, the van owner, was banned from driving at the time of the offence and persuaded his friends to drive for him to dump the furniture on the pretext that they were making deliveries. He ran a moving business, calling himself The Lincoln Van Man.

Another man, James Flannery, also of Hermit Street, was a driver on two of the six occasions and was fined £260 for obstructing the council in its investigations.

John Cunliffe, Solicitor at City of Lincoln Council, said: “We are pleased that the perpetrator of this offence has been brought to the justice of the court.

“The six instances of fly tipping resulted in a charge of £400 per offence and we hope that fines of this size will deter individuals from fly tipping in the future.”

Upon sentencing, Magistrates told Mr Fravigar: “You have been engaged in six incidents of fly tipping for which you have been the main perpetrator using your own vehicle.

“We find your culpability to be deliberate.”

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